Black, brass, bronze, copper, aged copper, nickel and white Tin Ceiling tiles (2'x4') are easily installed without nailing plus save money. Metal tin panels in 31 designs. Save on tin tiles for walls, backsplashes & ceilings.
Plus Tambour panels, Three-D ceiling tiles, and Acoustical Materials to stop noise!

Tambour is a high quality real wood paneling product with no visible seams between panels. Easily glued-up.

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We sell direct saving you money. Call 1-800-964-8961 

Tin Ceiling Panels: 
Tin tiles in thermoformed styrene or pressed metal . Also use for backsplashes, walls & wainscot.   Six styles are available in thermoformed black, brass, bronze, copper, aged copper and nickel colors using durable solid colored styrene plus matte white styrene you can install as is or inexpensively paint.  
See Nickel colored panel
.... See Copper colored panel
(See six styles available. 2'x4' panels) 
Easily glued-up with no nailing and simply cut with a scissors. Install matte white or easily and inexpensively paint to color desired to match your decor. Black, brass, bronze, copper, aged copper and nickel colored panels are durable solid colored styrene. Achieve the same look with these faux panels as metal panels for a fraction of the cost. Plus you can achieve an acoustical absorption with NRC .55.

We also offer Tin tiles in 33 designs in metal panels (click-on above for separate web page): paintable/polyurethaneable steel and satin aluminum. Very competitive pricing.

Tambour Panels:
  Originally the door in a roll top desk, now these flexible panels are used for WAINSCOT, BAR FRONTS, WALLS, CEILINGS & covering BASEMENT POLES & COLUMNS or pipes along walls and ceilings etc. Attractive alternative to the "beadboard" look and lower quality paneling! Panels are 4'x8' sheets with 2", 1.5", 3/4" or 1/2" Red Oak strips plus other types of wood and metallic facings in stock. Use on curved areas such as basement poles, columns, pipes along walls or ceilings,table bases, round corners and planters. Use on flat areas such as walls, wainscot(new size available 4' x 32" in red oak), bar fronts, counter fronts, kitchen islands, ceilings, soffits and furniture. Usage only limited by your imagination! These high quality panels have been used for years in expensive homes designed by Architects and Interior Designers. Shown at right is maple tambour specifed by an architect and installed in a hotel.


NOISE SOLUTION HELP LINE. Call Ken our Acoustical Specialist to solve your noise problems at 1-800-964-4631.

Acoustical Materials:

Acoustical SurfacingSolution manufactures a complete lline of acoustical products for your application. Stop Noise cost effectively with our 1/8" thick black vinyl barrier. acoustics Absorb Noise with our Eco-Absorber abuse resistant Class A fire rated panels (shown in photo). Eco-Absorber acoustical panels are an excellent answer to low cost absorbtion and are spray paintable up to 7 times with minimal loss in absorbtion. Also use Pyramid acoustical foam panels are to reduce noise within a room.
Prevent noise transfer through CARPET, WOOD FLOORING, tile flooring and vinyl flooring by using our 9/64" thick ACOUSTIC DECOUPLER. This product STOPS 95% of all impact and airborne noise to the area below. Sold in 54"x 48' rolls. Simply roll out with no gluing necessary. Then solid wood or engineered wood flooring planks are stapled or glued down to the decoupler. Carpet/pad is simply installed over the decoupler.

Three-D Thermoformed Wood/White & Coffered Ceilings

4Three-D thermoformed ceiling tiles are available in two designs: Three-D I white/wood raised panel design or Three-D II white/wood coffered design are very decorative 23"x23" ceiling panels. (see the Three-D II white styrene coffered design) Three-D I/II panels are installed into a std 15/16" T-grid system or can be glued-up to a sheet rocked ceiling. Reface old sagging ceiling tiles! Three-D I panels protrude 3/4" below the grid creating a unique and elegant interior and offer a decorative solution for recessed areas. Availble is 1" wide psa wood grain to cover the T-grid (app 4' needed per panel). Use our Three-D panels in highly humid areas such as above hot tubs as they won't absorb moisture or warp. Panels are cleanable (closed cell) so USDA approved to use in kitchen prep areas. Three-D I styrene panels are Class A fire resistant and have some acoustical absorbtion (NRC app .30) when bonded to a std fire rated acoustical ceiling tile.

EcoFloor Wood Floor:
1Freight sale & no tax. Make us an offer. Call for best price & free samples! Quantity Discounts. 1-800-964-8961. We offer High Quality at Low Price! Our EcoFloor brand is directly imported by SurfacingSolution. This allows SurfacingSolution to be a llow price leader in the wood flooring industry without sacrificing quality. See our Engineered merbau planks and our strand woven honey solid Bamboo planks which are more than twice as hard as oak.

Request Free Samples: Home owners/Do-it-yourselfers, Builders/contractors/developers, Architects/Interior Designers, Millworks/Cabinet shops, and manufacturers. Please request samples, literature and pricing on our full line of Architectural Tambour, Tin Ceilings, Three-D ceiling panels, Acoustical materials and our complete line of EcoFloor wood flooring via Toll Free number 1-800-964-8961 (0630 fax) or email us at

Customer Testimonials:
From David Y. Hello there, I just thought you would like to know that I chose to install your styrene product (the faux tin ceiling tiles the 24 x48 inch) in my kitchen. After painting them to look like old re-used tiles, I installed them. Everyone who sees them thinks they are old tiles I reused until I say what they are. No one can believe it especially since the price of them as you may know in other home improvement centers sell something similar but only in a 2ft x 2 ft tile for about 3 times the cost of yours. We recently sold our home and having this installed helped with the sale as the people who purchased always wanted a tin ceiling! I recommend these to everyone. I am currently re-doing my new kitchen and yes I am using your product again, both in my kitchen and washrooms this time. Can't say enough great products, David Y.

From John S.: Ken, Just completed my 11 x 18 kitchen ceiling using the unpainted 209 panel. The product is spectacular! Was a cinch to install using the loctite glue. Your folks were most helpful on the phone. Can't wait to install the molding to compete the job. My coworkers and friend will certainly receive a recommendation.
From Dan: When SurfacingSolution said they provide value, they sure did. My wood floor looks excellent and I'm very pleased with the price I got delivered to my door. Also, your installation instructions made it easy to install properly.
From Erv: Tom was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the options available to me for my new ceiling. I particularly liked that I could call and talk with a salesman that didn't pressure me for an order but only tried to help me with my remodeling project.
From Ray: I thought I would never solve my noise problem and was just more confused after talking with other companies. Ken really knew what he was talking about concerning acoustical products. The material solved my problem at a reasonable cost!
From Cathy: The oak Tambour I got is so unique and I love the look. It installed easily around my basement pole and we even rounded off the end of the bar. Finishing it was easy with the recommended Danish oil finish.